Tuesday, February 23, 2016

THE ALL NEW PIONEER 1000, 700 & 500

THE ALL NEW PIONEER 1000, 700 & 500

Pioneer 1000 in Red, White and Blue
If you haven't seen the new Pioneer 1000's from Honda then you have to get down and have a test drive. The Pioneer 1000 is revolutionary to the side by side industry. It is an all-purpose UTV that is guaranteed to stun as you reign in the power of the 999cc engine and its six-speed fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission. 

With Electronic Power Steering and front locking differential, this beauty will get you out of almost any situation. With a turf mode for those extra sensitive landscapes, Honda has thought of almost everything. The UTV industry has met its match with the Pioneer 1000-5. It has enough room to put the whole family inside and get them out into the wilderness. 

The Pioneer family consists of the Pioneer 1000, Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 500. 

Don't think that these are just any old UTV, Honda have developed the best UTV's out to date. With seats that fold down and surprisingly quick throttle control, you will be amazed at the resilience and dependability that you get out of these machines. Come down to Southern Honda and have yourself a test drive today!

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